BIO 385 — The Ecology, Geography and Health of Lakes

(Same as EVS 385)

Semester hours: 4 (3R, 3L)   Offered: PS (AY)    Instructor: Schalles

A summer field course that examines lakes in the North Central Rocky Mountains regions of the United States. This course is a combination of lectures and field and laboratory studies of the physical, chemical and biological properties of lakes in a landscape context. The effects of human impacts on lake ecology and ecosystem health are emphasized. The course includes field work at lakes and regional field stations in northern Iowa (Iowa Lakeside Laboratory on West Okoboji Lake), the Boundary Waters and Lake Superior in Minnesota, the hyperalkaline Western Nebraska Sandhills, and alpine lakes in the Colorado Rockies (University of Colorado's Mountain Research Station at Niwot Ridge).

Prerequisites: P: BIO 201, 202, 205 & 206 and IC

Satisfies: Certified Writing, Lab requirement, Population/Ecology/Evolution requirement