“If you thought that science was certain - well, that is just an error on your part.” — Richard Feynman

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Common, cheap ingredients can break down some ‘forever chemicals’

Forever chemicals, or PFAS, are harmful compounds that are very difficult to degrade. But some are no match for lye and dimethyl sulfoxide.

Why mosquitoes are especially good at smelling you

How Aedes aegypti mosquitoes smell things is different from how most animals do, making hiding human odors from the insects more complicated.

Oort cloud comets may spin themselves to death

How icy objects from the solar system’s fringe break up as they near the sun is a long-standing mystery. One astronomer now thinks he has an answer.

The first known monkeypox infection in a pet dog hints at spillover risk

A person passed monkeypox to a dog. Other animals might be next, allowing the virus to set up shop outside of Africa for the first time.

Protons contain intrinsic charm quarks, a new study suggests

The massive quarks — counterintuitively heavier than the proton itself — might carry about 0.6 percent of a proton’s momentum.

Two new books show how sexism still pervades astronomy

In A Portrait of the Scientist as a Young Woman and The Sky Is for Everyone, female astronomers recount how sexism has affected their careers.

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