“Evolution is a tinkerer. ” — Francois Jacob

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Wildfire smoke may ramp up toxic ozone production in cities

A new study reveals how wildfire smoke produces toxic ozone and how urban air pollution could exacerbate the problem.

These are Science News’ favorite books of 2021

Our favorite books covered the Big Bang theory, human evolution, gene editing, how to define life, pseudoscience and more.

Gut bacteria let vulture bees eat rotting flesh without getting sick

Acid-producing bacteria in the gut of vulture bees let these “weirdos of the bee world” safely snack on animal carcasses.

Physicists have coaxed ultracold atoms into an elusive form of quantum matter

Quantum spin liquids could be used to help protect fragile information in quantum computers.

A massive 8-year effort finds that much cancer research can’t be replicated

A project aiming to reproduce nearly 200 top cancer experiments found only a quarter could be replicated.

Light-colored feathers may help migrating birds stay cool on long flights

Analysis of over 20,000 illustrations of birds reveals that migrating birds generally tend to have lighter-colored feathers than birds that stay put.

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