“Orgel's Second Rule: Evolution is cleverer than you are. ” — Francis Crick

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Despite a retraction, a room-temperature superconductor claim isn’t dead yet

A high-profile retraction called a superconductivity result into question. But a new experiment appears to support it.

Climate change could turn some blue lakes to green or brown

As temperatures rise, more than 1 in 10 of the world’s blue lakes could change color, reflecting holistic shifts in lake ecosystems.

Genetics of human evolution wins 2022 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine

By figuring out how to extract DNA from ancient bones, Svante Pääbo was able to decipher the genomes of our hominid relatives.

50 years ago, scientists dug into Pangaea’s past lives

In 1972, scientists wondered whether Pangaea was Earth’s only supercontinent. Fifty years later, we know it wasn’t the first and it won’t be the last.

‘Wonderful nets’ of blood vessels protect dolphin and whale brains during dives

Complex networks of blood vessels called retia mirabilia that are associated with cetaceans’ brains and spines have long been a mystery.

This spider literally flips for its food

The Australian ant-slayer spider’s acrobatics let it feast on insects twice its size, a new study shows,

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