“Men love to wonder, and that is the seed of science.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Birds that dive may be at greater risk of extinction

For birds, a diving lifestyle seems irreversible, evolutionarily speaking. The inflexibility possibly increases diving birds’ chances of going extinct.

Fossils suggest early primates lived in a once-swampy Arctic

Teeth and jawbones found on Ellesmere Island, Canada, suggest that two early primate species migrated there 52 million years ago.

These shape-shifting devices melt and re-form thanks to magnetic fields

Miniature machines made of gallium embedded with magnetic particles can switch between solid and liquid states.

Procrastination may harm your health. Here’s what you can do

Scientists have tied procrastination to mental and physical health problems. But don't panic if you haven't started your New Year's resolutions yet.

Lots of Tatooine-like planets around binary stars may be habitable

A new simulation suggests that planets orbiting a pair of stars may be plentiful, and many of those worlds could be suitable for life.

A bird with a T. rex head may help reveal how dinosaurs became birds

The 120-million-year-old Cratonavis zhui, newly discovered in China, had a head like a theropod and body like a modern bird.

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