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Lasers reveal ancient urban sprawl hidden in the Amazon

South America’s Casarabe culture built a network of large and small settlements in what’s now Bolivia centuries before the Spanish arrived.

Headbutts hurt the brain, even for a musk ox

Though musk oxen are built to bash, a study of the headbutters turned up signs of brain damage. But that may not be catastrophic for the bovids.

Biocrusts reduce global dust emissions by 60 percent

Lichens and other microbes construct biological soil crusts that concentrate nutrients and slash global dust emissions.

Ice at the moon’s poles might have come from ancient volcanoes

Volcanic eruptions billions of years ago probably released enough water vapor to have deposited ice at the lunar poles, a study finds.

‘Wandering’ salamanders glide like skydivers from the world’s tallest trees

Using their legs and tail, these amphibians have impressive control over their daring dives from coast redwood canopies.

These are the first plants grown in moon dirt

The first attempt to grow plants in Apollo samples from the moon shows the promise and potential struggles of farming in lunar soil.

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