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Creighton University Biology Club
Travel Award Application

Travel awards are sponsored by the Creighton University Biology Club to support student research presentations at regional or national scientific meetings. The stipends assist with the payment of registration fess, travel and accommodation costs, and other expenses incurred while presenting scientific findings.

Application procedure

All fields in bold should be filled in. Other fields should be completed as relevant. If you are interested in TAing an upper-division course, it is generall wise to contact the instructor to discuss the position.

You should receive an email confirming your application. If you do not, or if you have other questions about TAships and the application process, please contact Dr. Shibata: AnnemarieShibata@creighton.edu.

General Information

Contact information:

First Name: Last Name:
Primary Email: Primary Phone:

Academic status:

Expected gradution date: (mm/yyyy)
Major: Major GPA: Overall GPA:

Major GPA should be based on the courses required for the program, including support courses. Overall GPA is for all coursework.


Indicate the faculty member overseeing the research to be presented, and your current employer (if applicable). For each, provide an email address or phone number.

Faculty Mentor: Contact Info:
Employer: Contact Info:

Presentation Information

Meeting or conference information:

Meeting Name:
Type of Presentation: Poster Talk

Description of research:

Provide a brief summary of the research to be presented. (A submitted abstract, if availble, would be suitable.)

Financial Information

Income and support

Indicate your personal income (from employment), family support (typically parental) and other sources of support (such as scholarships), calculated on a per-month basis.

  • Personal Income: $ 
  • Family Support: $ 
  • Other Support: $ 

Other grant support:

List any grants or awards already awarded to support this research. For each award provide the amount (if any) available to support travel to the meeting listed above.

Award Name Total Amount Travel Amount

Support request:

Itemize your anticipated travel expenses, and indicate the total amount requested from the Biology Club. The maximum award is $500.

Item Amount
Total expenses
Funds from other grants
Funds still needed
Total request for Travel Award

Please be sure your application is complete and accurate before submission!

Address questions or problems concerning this page to Dr. Cullum: acullum@creighton.edu.