“Research is the process of going up alleys to see if they are blind.” — Marston Bates

Undergraduate Research Fellowships

Summer research fellowships

Students who find they lack sufficient time to conduct research during the academic year, or who are looking for additional research opportunities, should consider participation in a summer research program.

Summer undergraduate research fellowships, commonly known by the acronyms "SURFs" or "SURPs" ("P" for "Program"), offer students the chance to participate in research in a way that may not be possible at Creighton during the regular year. Many of these programs are sponsored by top research institutions, with laboratories involved in leading-edge science and faculty who have fostered large number of students. In addition, the opportunuity to focus all your time on research efforts, with mentors who are often in the lab with you, means that progress is typically much better than it is when you and your mentor are dividing your time among many activities. SURPs are certainly not guaranteed to result in a publication, but many do.

SURPs are offered by a large number of academic and non-academic institutions. Many of the programs are quite competetive, so it may be worthwhile apply for a number of fellowships while still being selective about areas of research that interest you.

Local programs

Lists of programs nationwide

  • AAMC SURF List - Lists dozens of biological and biomedical SURFs from the American Association of Medical Colleges
  • JYI SURF List - Another list of SURFs, covering all areas of science, sponsored by the Journal of Young Investigators
  • RIT Research and Internship List - This list includes opportunities for both research experience and career-related internship, and is maintained by Tom Frederick at the Rochester Institute of Technology
  • NSF Biology REU List - The National Science Foundations list of the Research Experiences for Undergraduates programs they fund

Longer-term research fellowships

Students who plan to dedicate significant time and effort to research work may wish to apply for a fellowship that supports this work throughout the calendar year. Acceptance in one of these programs is a serious commitment, but provides increased opportunity for significant research acheivement.

Programs at Creighton