“People are DNA's way of making more DNA. ” — Edward O. Wilson

Biology Research Colloquium – 2023

The Department of Biology asks for information on student presentations for two reasons: to prepare the program for the Department Colloquium, and to gather information on student participation in research. We appreciate your filling out this form to help us with both those goals.

In cases with multiple students contributing to one project, we hope to have all student researchers provide information on their participation, but only need each project submitted once. If you are part of a multi-student team, please choose one person to submit the full information on the presentation (along with their own information). That person should also provide the email addresses of the other student researchers, who will then be sent a link to submit their own information. Our record of participation in the Colloquium is based on those submissions, so please be sure all involved students complete the process.

The deadline for initial registration is TBA.

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Student Information

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Mentor Information

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Presentation Information


Use sentence case. Follow standard formatting conventions (e.g. italic for species names).

Example: Evolution of ornamentation in Escherichia coli via sexual selection.


Use sentence case. Follow standard Use initials and last name. List all names that will appear on the poster, including your own. Use bold to indicate Creighton undergraduate authors. If the authors have differing affiliations, use asterisks or other markers to associate them with the entries in the next text box.<

Example: F. Al-Hiyaly*, H. Ishihara*, and F.C. Mendoza**.


Use sentence case. Follow standard Department and institution are normally included. Use the asterisks or other markers from the authors list to associate each author with their affiliation. Asterisks are not needed if all authors are from the same unit.

Example: *Department of Biology, Creighton University and **Pharmacology and Experimental Neuroscience, UNMC


Use sentence case. Follow standard Your abstract should provide brief background information on the problem, hypotheses or objectives of the study, methods, results, and conclusions. There is a 200 word limit.

Presentation type

Poster Presentation: Posters are a great visual tool to represent the entirety of your research. When accompanied with a brief presentation (~4-5 minutes), they allow researchers to share their information and answer questions one-on-one with interested viewers. This dialogue provides feedback prior to publishing and helps identify future research directions.

Elevator Talk: This is a short 3-minute presentation that uses a single slide to communicate research to a diverse audience in a conversational, but concise, manner. Cash prizes will be awarded for the top-ranking students that are able to get across the what, how, and why of their research in an engaging, informative, and short presentation.

Poster Presentation Elevator Talk Elevator Talk & Poster Presentation

Presentation materials

Please provide your presentation materials once they are complete. For live presentations, whether in-person or remote, upload a copy of your slide(s) as a PDF (preferred) or PowerPoint file. For pre-recorded presentations, upload your slides and provide a link to your presentation on YouTube, Vimeo, BlueCast/Panopto, etc. Be sure the video is accesible to anyone with the link.

Note: These materials can be added after your initial submission if not yet available. But in this case save the email you receive with the link to edit your submission so you can submit your materials later.

Slides: Video link:


Optional message to the coordinator:

Student co-authors

Email addresses of Creighton undergraduate co-authors:
Provide a comma-separated list of email addresses for students, who will be asked to submit their information to our database. Example: “bbluejay@creighton.edu, cdarwin@creighton.edu”

Please address questions about this page to Dr. Cullum: acullum@creighton.edu.