“To find yourself, think for yourself.” — Socrates

Josef D. Franke

Cell Biology

Ph.D. – Duke University, 2005
B.S. – Oregon State University, 1999

Department of Biology
Creighton University
2500 California Plaza
Omaha, NE 68178-0103
Office: Hixson-Lied 403

Courses Offered

  • BIO 202 – General Biology: Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • BIO 206 – General Biology Laboratory: Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • BIO 362 – Cell Structure and Function

Research Interests

Our lab is interested in the Planctomycete bacterium Gemmata obscuriglobus, G. obscuriglobus, like other Planctomycetes, has intriguing cell morphological and molecular signatures not found in most bacteria. For G. obscuriglobus, these include division by budding, the presence of complex intracellular membranes, putative membrane-coat proteins and the absence of common bacterial cytoskeletal elements (e.g., FtsZ and MreB). Our research is focused on three areas of G. obscuriglobus biology. First, is the development of molecular genetic tools allowing for routine genetic manipulations. Second, we are identifying the pigments that give G. obscuriglobus its characteristic light-pink color. Lastly, we are characterizing the biological role(s) of pigmentation in the organism.

Scholarly Works


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