“Each living creature must be looked at as a microcosm, formed of a host of self propagating organisms, as numerous as the stars in heaven.” — Charles Darwin

Faculty and Staff


Charles Austerberry, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor – Molecular Biology, Protozoology

Charles Brockhouse, Ph.D.

Associate Professor – Marine and Aquatic Genetics

Theodore E. Burk, D. Phil.

Professor – Animal Behavior, Entomology, Behavioral Ecology

Ann Cavanaugh, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor – Evolution and Formation of Protein Complexes

Soochin Cho, Ph.D.

Associate Professor – Molecular and Evolutionary Genomics

Alistair J. Cullum, Ph.D. – Associate Chair

Associate Professor – Evolutionary and Comparative Physiology

Carol Fassbinder-Orth, Ph.D.

Professor – Avian Immunology and Zoonotic Diseases

Josef D. Franke, Ph.D.

Instructor – Cell Biology

Gwendalyn King, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor – Cell and Molecular Neuroscience

Andrew Kraemer, Ph.D.

Adjunct Assistant Professor – Evolutionary Ecology, Island Biogeography, and Conservation Biology

Mark V. Reedy, Ph.D. – Department Chair

Associate Professor – Developmental Biology

Angela Rivera, Ph.D.

Adjunct Assistant Professor – Comparative Physiology and Biomechanics

Gabriel Rivera, Ph.D.

Associate Professor– Vertebrate Ecological & Functional Morphology

John F. Schalles, Ph.D.

Professor – Limnology, Wetlands Ecosystems, Remote Sensing

John Shea, Ph.D., S.J.

Assistant Professor – Ecological and Behavioral Parasitology

Annemarie Shibata, Ph.D.

Professor – Cellular Neuroscience

Hollie Siebler, Ph.D.

Instructor – Cell Biology

Mackenzie Taylor, Ph.D.

Associate Professor – Plant Reproduction and Development

Mary Ann Vinton, Ph.D.

Associate Professor– Plant Ecology, Nutrient Cycling

Amy Worthington, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor– Reproductive Physiology & Behavioral Ecology



Ehren Whigham

Lab Supervisor
Hixson-Lied 420


Jeff Epperly

Office Coordinator
Hixson-Lied 448