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Summer Session Biology Courses

This listing shows the Biology courses that may be scheduled during summer session. It does not represent a guarantee that each course will be taught every summer. You may also find the Advise-O-Matic helpful in planning your schedule.

Listings for fall and spring courses are also available, along with the complete course listing and the Course Search page, which allows you to find classes that meet certain criteria. A complete list of course descriptions is also available.

Number Title Credits Instructor Offered Satisfies*
Non-majors courses — 100-level courses may not be used for credit towards the Biology major
No courses found
Introductory courses — The General Biology sequence may be taken in either order
BIO 201 General Biology: Organismal and Population 3 Staff II, S
BIO 202 General Biology: Cell and Molecular 3 Staff I, S
BIO 297 Directed Research 0-2 Staff I, II, PS, S
Note: BIO 201 and 205 together replace the single older course, BIO 212. (BIO 212 counts towards the major as BIO 201 and 205 do.)
BIO 202 and 206 together replace the single older course, BIO 211. (BIO 211 counts towards the major as BIO 202 and 206 do.)
Upper-level courses — General Biology is a prerequisite for most of these courses
BIO 310 Biostatistics 4 Staff I, II, SLab
BIO 317 Genetics 3 Brockhouse/Cho I, II, S (OD)Cell
BIO 362 Cell Structure and Function 3 Staff I, II, S (OD)Cell
BIO 371 Animal Behavior 3 Burk/Worthington I, SOrg
BIO 385 The Ecology, Geography and Health of Lakes 4 Schalles PS (AY)CW, Lab, Pop
BIO 397 Directed Independent Research (Extramural) 0-3 Taylor I, II, PS, S
BIO 425 Development of Biological Thought 3 Brockhouse PS (OD)
BIO 435 Coastal and Estuarine Ecology 4 Schalles PS (AY)Lab, Pop
BIO 449 Animal Physiology 3 Staff I, II, S (OD)Org
BIO 481 Terrestrial Ecology 4 Vinton I, S (OD)CW, Lab, Pop
BIO 493 Directed Independent Readings 1-3 Staff I, II, S
BIO 495 Directed Independent Study 1-3 Staff I, II, S
BIO 497 Directed Independent Research 0-3 Staff I, II, S

*Key to Satisfies column:

  • CW - satisfies one of the college's Certified Writing requirements
  • Lab - satisfies one of the Biology major's laboratory requirements
  • Cell - counts as a molecular/cellular course for the Biology major's area of study requirement
  • Org - counts as an organismal course for the area of study requirement
  • Pop - counts as a population/ecology/evolution course for the area of study requirement

Note - Courses listing two areas of study can count as one or the other, not both.

BIO 490 counts as one laboratory course if taken twice. See the major requirements for more information.