“The death of the butterfly is the one drawback to an entomological career.” — Margaret E. Fountaine

Biology Courses

This listing below includes all courses taught by the Department of Biology, as well as courses taught by other departments that may be accepted for credit towards the biology major. A description of each course, including prerequisites, may be found by clicking on the course number.

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Important note: The semester listings on this page reflect the normal offerings but are not a guarantee that a course will be taught during a particular semester or year.

Number Title Credits Instructor Offered Satisfies*
Non-majors courses — These courses may not be used for credit towards the Biology major
BIO 123 Microbiology for Health Professionals 4 Davis S
BIO 149 Biology for the Non-Science Major 3 Siebler I
BIO 159 Human Biology 4 Siebler I
BIO 189 Novel Ecologies: Fundamentals of Ecological Conservation and Restoration 4 Staff S
BIO 350 Fundamentals of Microbiology 4 Franke I
Introductory courses — The General Biology sequence may be taken in either order
BIO 201 General Biology: Organismal and Population 3 Staff I, II
BIO 202 General Biology: Cell and Molecular 3 Staff I, II, S
BIO 205 General Biology: Organismal and Population Laboratory 1 Staff I
BIO 206 General Biology: Cell and Molecular Laboratory 1 Staff II
BIO 297 Directed Research 0-2 Staff I, II, S
Upper-level courses — General Biology is a prerequisite for most of these courses
BIO 311 Biostatistics 4 Staff I, II, S
BIO 315 Foundations of Ecology & Evolution 3 Kraemer I, IIPop
BIO 317 Genetics 3 Brockhouse/Cho I, II, S (OD)Cell
BIO 318 Genetics Laboratory 1 Brockhouse ILab
BIO 335 Zoology 4 Shea ILab, Org
BIO 341 Botany 4 Taylor ILab, Org
BIO 362 Cell Structure and Function 3 Staff I, II, S (OD)Cell
BIO 363 Cell Structure and Function Laboratory 1 Cavanaugh IILab
BIO 371 Animal Behavior 3 Burk/Worthington I, SOrg
BIO 372 Animal Behavior Laboratory 2 Burk IICW, Lab
BIO 383 Vertebrate Natural History 3 A. Rivera IIPop
BIO 384 Vertebrate Natural History Laboratory 1 A. Rivera IILab
BIO 397 Directed Independent Research (Extramural) 0-3 Taylor I, II, S
BIO 415 Evolution 3 Burk IIPop
BIO 419 Molecular Genetics Laboratory 2 Cho/Austerberry IICW, Lab
BIO 425 Development of Biological Thought 3 Brockhouse S (OD)
BIO 432 Immunology 3 Shibata IICell
BIO 433 Vertebrate Comparative Anatomy 4 G. Rivera IILab, Org
BIO 439 Parasitology 4 Shea IILab, Org or Pop
BIO 449 Physiology 3 Staff I, IIOrg
BIO 450 Animal Physiology Laboratory 1 A. Rivera ILab
BIO 452 Microbiology 3 Franke IICell
BIO 453 Microbiology Lab 4 Fassbinder-Orth IILab
BIO 460 Environmental Remote Sensing 4 Schalles IILab, Pop
BIO 461 Entomology 4 Burk I (AY)Lab, Org or Pop
BIO 462 Neurobiology 3 Shibata ICell or Org
BIO 463 Neurobiology Laboratory 2 Shibata ICW, Lab
BIO 464 Neurobiology of Disease 3 King IICell
BIO 467 Developmental Biology 4 Reedy ILab, Cell or Org
BIO 471 Conservation Biology 3 Burk IPop
BIO 481 Terrestrial Ecology 4 Vinton ICW, Lab, Pop
BIO 485 Marine and Freshwater Ecology 3 Schalles IPop
BIO 486 Freshwater Ecology Laboratory 2 Schalles ILab
BIO 490 Seminar in Undergraduate Biology Laboratory Instruction 1 Staff I, IILab
BIO 492 Seminar in Undergraduate Classroom Instruction 1 Staff I, II
BIO 493 Directed Independent Readings 1-3 Staff I, II, S
BIO 495 Directed Independent Study 1-3 Staff I, II, S
BIO 497 Directed Independent Research 0-3 Staff I, II, S
BIO 501 Bioinformatics 4 Cho II (AY)Lab
BIO 517 Current Topics in Genetics 3 Brockhouse ICW
BIO 520 Genomes and Chromosomes 4 Brockhouse I (AY)Lab
BIO 532 Current Topics in Cellular and Molecular Biology 3 Staff IICW
BIO 539 Ecology of Zoonotic Diseases 3 Fassbinder-Orth ICW
BIO 541 Advanced Topics in Plant Biology 3 Taylor II (AY)CW
BIO 545 Plant Diversity and Evolution 4 Taylor II (AY)CW, Lab
BIO 549 Environmental Physiology 3 G. Rivera CW
BIO 559 Current Topics in Physiology 3 Staff I, IICW
BIO 567 Current Topics in Neuroscience 3 Shibata II
BIO 580 Current Topics in Ecology 3 Vinton IICW
Outside courses — One of the following may be applied towards the Biology major (not minor)
CHM 371 Biochemistry of Metabolism 3
PHY 353 Introduction to Biological Physics 3

*Key to Satisfies column:

  • CW - satisfies one of the college's Certified Writing requirements
  • Lab - satisfies one of the Biology major's laboratory requirements
  • Cell - counts as a molecular/cellular course for the Biology major's area of study requirement
  • Org - counts as an organismal course for the area of study requirement
  • Pop - counts as a population/ecology/evolution course for the area of study requirement

Note - Courses listing two areas of study can count as one or the other, not both.

BIO 490 counts as one laboratory course if taken twice. See the major requirements for more information.