BIO 581 — Evolution

(Same as EVS 581)

Semester hours: 4 (3R, 3L)   Offered: I    Instructor: Staff

Lectures and discussion designed to provide junior and senior students with a broad understanding of the science of evolutionary biology. Organized in three parts, each takes a chronological approach: (A) evolutionary theory, (B) mechanisms of evolution, (C) the implications and consequences of theory and mechanism; and as part of both the lecture and laboratory experience in (C, above) topics in evolutionary medicine will be covered. Laboratory sessions include computer modeling exercises to illustrate the mechanisms of evolutionary changes, an excellent film series, discussion opportunities designed to explore in more depth questions and topics associated with speciation, biodiversity and human evolution as well as a review session prior to each exam. BIO 317 recommended.

Prerequisites: P: One upper-division BIO course or Jr. standing

Satisfies: Lab requirement, Population/Ecology/Evolution requirement