BIO 532 — Current Topics in Cellular and Molecular Biology

Semester hours: 3 (3R)   Offered: II    Instructor: Staff

Interactions between nucleic acids and proteins responsible for cell growth, division, and development. Assumes basic knowledge of biomolecules and gene expression. Tipics include DNA and chromatin structure and modification, DNA cloning and sequencing, DNA replication and repair, DNA recombination and transposition, regulation of gene expression (transcription, RNA processing, translation, and protein modification), functions of non-coding RNAs, genomics, and analytical techniques of molecular/cellular biology. Original scientific literature study including student-facilitated discussions and a term paper.

Prerequisites: P: Any two of the following: BIO 317, BIO 351, BIO 362, BIO 451, CHM 371, or IC

Satisfies: Certified Writing