BIO 433 — Vertebrate Comparative Anatomy

Semester hours: 4 (3R, 3L)   Offered: II    Instructor: G. Rivera

Lecture and laboratory study of the comparative morphology of representative members of the phylum Chordata. Lectures incorporate the developmental and evolutionary bases of anatomy. Useful background for pre-health majors and those enrolling in BIO 449 or BIO 461. This course by content and by instruction is designed to provide a useful foundation for students that go on to take BIO 449, Animal Physiology and/or BIO 467, Developmental Biology. For students who want a thorough background in vertebrate biology, it also serves as the compliment to BIO 483, Vertebrate Natural History.

Prerequisites: P: BIO 201, 202, 205 & 206

Satisfies: Lab requirement, Organismal Biology requirement