BIO 383 — Vertebrate Natural History

(Same as EVS 483)

Semester hours: 3 (3R)   Offered: II    Instructor: A. Rivera

Lecture series designed to provide students with a modern overview of vertebrate diversity. Lectures encompass ancestry, major adaptive shifts between classes of vertebrates, geographic distribution based on physiological limits, specialized feeding and locomotor modes, courtship patterns, reproductive strategies, and conservation issues. Useful foundation material for students desiring additional depth in vertebrate biology; complimentary content to that of BIO 333. Recommended as useful prior to enrollment in BIO 440 (Field Biology of the Desert Southwest) and for students seeking a general understanding of vertebrate life, or those who are interested in teaching biological sciences.

Prerequisites: P: BIO 201, 202, 205 & 206

Satisfies: Population/Ecology/Evolution requirement