BIO 189 — Novel Ecologies: Fundamentals of Ecological Conservation and Restoration

Non-majors course

Semester hours: 4 (4R)   Offered: S    Instructor: Staff

In this course, students will learn fundamental scientific concepts in ecology, such as water and nutrient cycling, energy flow, population and community dynamics, bio-geography, and species interactions. Students will advance and apply their scientific knowledge by participating in field-based, service-learning activities at restoration sites in Nebraska and New Zealand. In coordination with HIS/ENG 400, students will apply their knowledge with insight gained from site visits, readings, and discussions with stakeholders to critically evaluate contemporary problems and practices in both conservation biology and restoration ecology. Students will gain a broader and deeper knowledge of environmental crises and the diversity of ecological worldviews on local and global scales and will grapple with issues of social and ecological justice.

Prerequisites: P: Understanding Natural Science; CO: CO: HIS400/ENG 400