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Biology BIO 462 Waiting List

Waiting List for BIO 462 – Neurobiology (Fall 2021)

There is currently no one on this waiting list.

Important information about the Biology waiting lists and overrides

The Biology department now uses a web- and email-based system for waiting lists and overrides. All requests for an override for a course will now need to come through this system. If your request is approved, our admin assistant will generate and send a code to you that allows you to register for the course directly through the NEST. The code will be valid for only two business days after generation, and you must register within that time to claim your spot. Complete information on the registration procedure will be sent with the override code.

Note: In order to confirm your spot on the waiting list, you’ll need to verify your NetID as explained below.

Signup procedure

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This course has pre- or co-requisites:

P: BIO 201, 202, 205 & 206; BMS 404 or BIO 433 or BIO 449

If you do not have these requisites, be sure to check the "Pre- or co-requisite waiver" box.

When your request is submitted, an email containing a link will be sent to the email account associated with your NetID. You must access that link to confirm your request to be added to the waiting list.

If you do not receive an email, or if you have other questions about the general signup process, please contact Dr. Cullum: acullum@creighton.edu.

Specific questions about overrides for this course should be directed to Annemarie Shibata: AnnemarieShibata@creighton.edu.

You’ll receive a message automatically when an admission decision has been made.


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  • May
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  • Biology Major
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  • Biology Minor
  • Other undergraduate major
  • Undeclared
  • Graduate student

Override Information

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  • Closed course (Course is full)
  • Pre- or co-requiste waiver
  • Instructor or departmental consent (Other than reasons to left)

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