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Requirements for the Biology Minor

Students pursuing a College of Arts and Sciences major other than Biology may obtain a minor Biology. Requiremenst are given below. You may declare a minor online using the Minor Declaration Form, available through the Student Resources page..

Biology Minor

The Biology minor introduces students to foundational and advanced courses across the major subdisciplines of modern biology. Lecture and lab experiences are grounded on fundamental principles. In addition to the General Biology courses, a diversity of life science topics
are available in upper division courses at the cellular, molecular, organismal, and ecology and evolutionary biology levels. Students can design a study plan which allows an in-depth exploration of one area or a broader survey of several subdisciplinary areas of biology.

Requirements for the Biology minor are a minumum of eighteen hours of BIO credit, to include:

  • BIO 201, 202, 205 & 206 - General Biology (8 credits total)
  • At least ten additional credits in upper-level BIO courses

    Upper-level biology courses that apply towards the minor include those numbered 300 and above except BIO 311, 397, 425, 490, 492, 493, 495, and 497.

    These ten credits must include at least one upper-division laboratory in the form of a lecture + laboratory or laboratory-only course.

Important note: Courses from other departments will not be accepted toward the Biology minor. This includes courses that do count towards the biology major.

There are no support course required for the Biology minor.