“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.” — Aristotle


The Advise-O-Matic is intended to help you check your progress toward completion of the requirements for the biology major. Simply check the upper-division courses you have taken, are taking and (if you want) plan to take, and then click Submit. The progress check assumes you have taken BIO 211 & 212, or BIO 201, 202, 205 & 206, plus the general & organic chemistry and physics support courses. See the biology major requirements for more information.

Checkmark Course Title
BIO 311 Biostatistics
BIO 315 Foundations of Ecology & Evolution
BIO 317 Genetics
BIO 318 Genetics Laboratory
BIO 335 Zoology
BIO 341 Botany
BIO 350 Fundamentals of Microbiology
BIO 362 Cell Structure and Function
BIO 363 Cell Structure and Function Laboratory
BIO 371 Animal Behavior
BIO 372 Animal Behavior Laboratory
BIO 383 Vertebrate Natural History
BIO 384 Vertebrate Natural History Laboratory
BIO 415 Evolution
BIO 419 Molecular Genetics Laboratory
BIO 425 Development of Biological Thought
BIO 432 Immunology
BIO 433 Vertebrate Comparative Anatomy
BIO 439 Parasitology
BIO 449 Physiology
BIO 450 Animal Physiology Laboratory
BIO 452 Microbiology
BIO 453 Microbiology Lab
BIO 460 Environmental Remote Sensing
BIO 461 Entomology
BIO 462 Neurobiology
BIO 463 Neurobiology Laboratory
BIO 464 Neurobiology of Disease
BIO 467 Developmental Biology
BIO 471 Conservation Biology
BIO 481 Terrestrial Ecology
BIO 485 Marine and Freshwater Ecology
BIO 486 Freshwater Ecology Laboratory
BIO 490* Seminar in Undergraduate Biology Laboratory Instruction
BIO 501 Bioinformatics
BIO 517 Current Topics in Genetics
BIO 520 Genomes and Chromosomes
BIO 532 Current Topics in Cellular and Molecular Biology
BIO 539 Ecology of Zoonotic Diseases
BIO 541 Advanced Topics in Plant Biology
BIO 545 Plant Diversity and Evolution
BIO 549 Environmental Physiology
BIO 559 Current Topics in Physiology
BIO 567 Current Topics in Neuroscience
BIO 580 Current Topics in Ecology
One of the following courses may be counted towards
the biology major.
CHM 203 General Chemistry I
CHM 204 General Chemistry Laboratory I
CHM 205 General Chemistry II
CHM 206 General Chemistry Laboratory II
CHM 321 Organic Chemistry I
CHM 322 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
CHM 323 Organic Chemistry II
CHM 324 Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
CHM 371 Biochemistry of Metabolism
PHY 201 General Physics for the Life Sciences I
PHY 202 General Physics for the Life Sciences II
PHY 202 General Physics Laboratory I
PHY 206 General Physics Laboratory II
PHY 353 Introduction to Biological Physics

* BIO 490 counts as the equivalent of one laboratory only when taken for the second time. Check this box only if you have taken 490 twice.