“If you thought that science was certain - well, that is just an error on your part.” — Richard Feynman

Science news from ScienceNOW

Uproar over sale of iconic Carnegie Institution headquarters to Qatar exposes deeper tensions

Some scientists decry planned reorganization of famous research institution

Biden administration scraps human fetal tissue research restrictions

Internal NIH research may resume, and funding applications will no longer face Trump-era ethical review

New York state ends stem cell research funding

Elimination of the grants, which had slowed, will stall studies of various diseases

First round of hearings by Congress back a more muscular NSF

Senate, House of Representatives panels examine proposals for massive spending hike and new directorate

Why muon magnetism matters, and a count of all the <em>Tyrannosaurus rex</em> that ever lived

On this week’s show: What it means that muons are more magnetic than predicted, and a way to estimate the population of dinosaurs that lived millions of years ago

DNA from cave dirt tells tale of how some Neanderthals disappeared

First nuclear DNA from sediment shows turnover, migration among ancient cave dwellers in Spain

Biology at Creighton

The faculty of Creighton University's Department of Biology are committed to providing an excellent undergraduate biology program encompassing both breadth and depth of biological understanding. We offer foundational and advanced courses across major subdisciplines of biology, with lecture and lab experiences grounded in first principles. Our active research programs and commitment to mentoring students contribute to a rich environment for developing a sound foundation in biology and the scientific method.

News and Announcements

Students participating in the Biology Student Research Colloquium need to register by April 26th.

Waiting lists are now available for selected Biology courses.

Applications are now being accepted for fall Bio TA positions via our online form. Apply by April 13 for full consideration.


Friday, April 30

  • 4:00pm - 6:00pm
  • Department of Biology Student Research Colloquium

    All are welcome! Student researchers will present their work in short talks in person, via Zoom, and in recorded presentations. Each presentation will be followed by a short question and answer period.

    HLSB G04
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