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‘Thinking soil’ made of bacteria could keep buildings from collapsing

Pressure-sensing, protein-producing bacteria represent the first step toward smart soils that can take the pressure

A dinosaur’s brain, preserved in a pebble

First fossil evidence of a dinosaur brain doesn’t suggest they were particularly smart

Subsurface map of moon reveals origin of mysterious impact crater rings

Bull’s-eye of Orientale Basin connected to ancient impactor

Are old cells breaking our hearts?

Mouse study shows that removing worn-out cells reduces artery-clogging plaques

Chimps and bonobos had flings—and swapped genes—in the past

Cross-species hanky-panky likely common among great apes—including humans

Podcast: A close look at a giant moon crater, the long tradition of eating rodents, and building evidence for Planet Nine

On this week’s show: Maria Zuber discusses results from the GRAIL mission’s exploration of the moon, and a daily news roundup

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