“Science increases our power in proportion as it lowers our pride.” — Claude Bernard

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California’s fire-fanning Santa Ana winds may not get any better with climate change

New work suggests global warming will only lead only to fewer cold winds

What went wrong with CureVac’s highly anticipated new mRNA vaccine for COVID-19?

Company says mutant coronavirus strains likely explain its candidate’s weak efficacy, but outside scientists question its “natural” approach

Nutrition researchers urge update to lab animal diets

Inadequate and inconsistent rodent feed may confound results in biology studies

Killer whales form killer friendships, new drone footage suggests

Cetacean “social touching” rivals that of some primates

‘It’s a tipping point’: Flood of COVID-19 vaccine donations buoys mood at WHO

Rich countries’ new commitments and increasing production capacity offer fresh hope of ending the pandemic

This ecologist thinks coastal wetlands can outrun rising seas. Not everyone’s convinced

Matt Kirwan’s work has provided some hope amid dire forecasts of coastal wetland loss

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