“Theory guides. Experiment decides.” — Anonymous

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Swarms of robotic fish can synchronize their swimming, for the first time

Two cameras and light-emitting diode lights enable communication

Science journals to offer select authors open-access publishing for free

“Green” open-access route complies with the Coalition S funders’ mandate

Many scientists citing two scandalous COVID-19 papers ignore their retractions

Globally discredited hospital data from the company Surgisphere continues to live as reliable evidence—even in leading journals

An elegy for Arecibo, and how our environments change our behavior

On this week’s show: A look at the past, present, and future of the fabled Arecibo Observatory, and what we can learn about how the environment alters human behavior

‘Compelled by stories.’ A marketing expert’s tips for promoting COVID-19 vaccination

Stacy Wood’s new research explores how to persuade people to get the shots

How the famed Arecibo telescope fell—and how it might rise again

Engineering failures and a harsh climate conspired in telescope’s sudden collapse

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