“If you thought that science was certain - well, that is just an error on your part.” — Richard Feynman

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Drilling in Arctic refuge could put North America’s largest caribou herd at risk

Push by lawmakers to open area to oil drilling rekindles conservation battle

Does a sea of viruses inside our body help keep us healthy?

Study suggests people may absorb 30 billion bacteria-killing viruses every day

Director of HHS scientific fraud office is out after stormy 2-year tenure

Office of Research Integrity Director Kathy Partin moving to 90-day detail at another agency

This fly survives a deadly lake by encasing itself in a bubble. Here’s how it makes it

Structural changes help this insect survive where most life can’t

European Medicines Agency will move to Amsterdam

London’s loss, as a result of Brexit vote, is lamented by U.K. researchers

United Kingdom promises another shot of cash for R&D

Announcement formalizes goal of reaching average Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development investment

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