“People are DNA's way of making more DNA. ” — Edward O. Wilson

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A lobster’s underbelly is so tough, you could use it instead of car tires

Flexible yet sturdy material could make joints in armor more flexible

Researchers spy signs of slavery from space

A surge in satellite data and artificial intelligence helps guide enforcement on the ground

Ultraviolet light could provide a powerful new source of green fuel

Scientists find potentially cheap way to turn methanol into ethanol

Ancient humans hunted monkeys for tens of thousands of years

Tropical rainforests not a barrier to human world domination

Why sparks fly when you microwave grapes

Physicists burned out 12 microwaves putting this trick to the test

How secret, late-night experiments transformed two scientists into master cartoonists

Matteo Farinella and Jason McDermott explain how other scientists can unleash their inner artists

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