“Most institutions demand unqualified faith; but the institution of science makes skepticism a virtue.” — Robert K. Merton

Science news from ScienceNOW

Even when sitting, tall people are better at judging distance

Even when height advantage is removed, taller people are better at locating targets

Alzheimer’s trial supports β amyloid origin of disease

Drug trial spurs cautious optimism that antibody approach could ward off cognitive decline

Hints of oldest fossil life found in Greenland rocks

3.7-billion-year-old microbial mats suggest life flourished early in Earth’s turbulent history

China tackles antimicrobial resistance

Multipronged effort aims to cut routine overuse of antibiotics and to develop new medicines

NASA to sample asteroid for clues to life on Earth

$1 billion OSIRIS-REx plans to return more than 60 grams of dust from carbon-rich Bennu

Medieval victim reveals secrets of the Plague of Justinian

Changes in virulence genes may have affected how fast and how far the disease spread

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