“Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution. ” — Theodosius Dobzhansky

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Few authors choose anonymous peer review, massive study of <i>Nature</i> journals shows

Scientists from developing countries and less prestigious institutes more often prefer reviewers to be blinded to their identity

This 300-million-year-old marine reptile had scoliosis

Brazilian fossils reveal the oldest evidence of a vertebral malformation in an aquatic animal

Cold atoms are being launched into space. This video reveals why

Everything you need to know about the Bose-Einstein condensate

Scientists grow bullish on pig-to-human transplants

Progress in monkey testing buoys hopes for human trials

Dueling preprint servers coming for the geosciences

Sites promise to speed collaboration in discipline

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The faculty of Creighton University's Department of Biology are committed to providing an excellent undergraduate biology program encompassing both breadth and depth of biological understanding. We offer foundational and advanced courses across major subdisciplines of biology, with lecture and lab experiences grounded in first principles. Our active research programs and commitment to mentoring students contribute to a rich environment for developing a sound foundation in biology and the scientific method.

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