“However many ways there may be of being alive, there are vastly more ways of being dead.” — Richard Dawkins

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Cometlike objects could be spreading life from star to star throughout the Milky Way

Astronomers say new observations bolster the case for “galactic panspermia”

Why scientists had trouble predicting Hurricane Michael’s rapid intensification

Sampling water-air emulsions among many complications

MIT to use $350 million gift to bolster computer sciences

Donation will help coordinate instruction in a rapidly growing field

Male gorillas who babysit have five times more babies

Females seem to pick mates who help care for infants

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The faculty of Creighton University's Department of Biology are committed to providing an excellent undergraduate biology program encompassing both breadth and depth of biological understanding. We offer foundational and advanced courses across major subdisciplines of biology, with lecture and lab experiences grounded in first principles. Our active research programs and commitment to mentoring students contribute to a rich environment for developing a sound foundation in biology and the scientific method.

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